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Berr Chemical Company Ltd is a high-tech enterprise engaged in Pharmaceuctials;Azepan-products;Pyrimidine products;Piperazines products;Pyridine products;Piperidine products;Catalysts and Phosphorous products;Boronic;Chiral compounds;Fluoro Compounds;Imidazo Derivatives;Indazole Derivatives;Indole Derivatives;Naphthalene Derivatives;Quinolin Derivatives; organic functional materials ect. It mainly deals with the R&D of new product, distribution, vendor relationship management, product manufacture and trade.Berrchem is committed to serving the domestic and foreign pharmaceutical companies, research institutions, university laboratories. Current business are including product development and production, custom synthesis, international sourcing and trading. It have more than hundreds regular products. Based on its strong RD capabilities, talented human resources, high quality and competitive prices, the company has witnessed a fast growth on sales since its foundation.Our main focus is to provide chemical custom synthesis services, and drug synthesis technology optimization services on the new chemical products; and as well the high added-value medicine intermediate and drug development. We can provide premium tailor-made products to fit each customer need which ranging from grams to kilograms, by utilizing our highly efficient production process and our professional team. Our vision is to help the global customers to shorten their drug development cycle and reduce development cost through our excellent quality and highly efficient outsourcing service. Berr Chemical is endeavored in establishing long-term, various, and mutual-benefit cooperation with companies worldwide.New products and R&D projections are been updated by BERRCHEM BLOG. For more products of BerrChem saled also can be get from following files Products list of PRODUCTS by PDF


Company Value:
1. We are committed to protect the integrity of our products and services.
2. Our Research and Development professional team is consisted of PhDs and Masters in biochemistry and pharmacy.
3. Our Production facility is operated by the seasoned staffs with deep chemicals and custom synthesis industry experiences.
4. We are continue tirelessly to perfect our business model, improve production efficiency, and reduce operational cost.
5. Our broad product coverage, convenient ordering process, superior product quality and excellent services are our core strengths.
6. We are committed to protect our customer's privacy with the highest level of ethical standard. Our dedicated team will follow up on every order and provide instant feedback on the status to our customer.
7. We stand behind our product by providing a complete QA report. The test data of customer order can be provided upon request.
8. We operate with independent import and export capabilities.
BerrChem has formed competitive advantage globally in the manufacture of organic product. Products and services are served to customers and partners all over the world.Wellcome contact-us to get more information.