4-Quinolinecarboxaldehyde CAS#[4363-93-3] MFCD00006781 EINECS: 224-453-0 Structure
Catalog 9817 CAS 4363-93-3
Product Name 4-Quinolinecarboxaldehyde
Other Name Quinoline-4-carbaldehyde; Cinchoninaldehyde; 4-Formylquinoline; 4-Quinolinecarbaldehyde; 4-quinolinecarboxaldehyde; 4-Quinolinecarboxaldeh
Purity 98% ee NA
Molecular Formula C10H7NO
Molecular Weight 9817
Color and Form Light yellow to tan to brown crystalline powder
Package kgs and more Bulk Ordering Package
Available Spectra NMR, LCMS, HPLC
Melting Point 45-52 C
Stability Stable under normal temperatures and pressures.
Other 1H NMR prediction
13C NMR prediction
COSY prediction
HSQC/HMBC prediction
All predictions
Safety Irritant
SignalWord Warning
HS Code: 2933599090
HPLC and NMR Conforms to structure
Note Only for research purposes use only
Technical Note
Technical Notes:
Francesco Gazzetta Chimica Italiana, 1987 , vol. 117
Achremowicz, Lucjan Synthetic Communications, 1996 , vol. 26
Acta Chimica Academiae Scientiarum Hungaricae, 1981 , vol. 107, p. 315 - 320
Ihara, Masataka; Noguchi, Kazuharu; Fukumoto, Keiichiro; Kametani, Tetsuji Tetrahedron, 1985 , vol. 41, # 11

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