3-Aminohomopiperidine CAS#[69154-03-6] MFCD02183579 Structure
Catalog 62655 CAS 69154-03-6
Product Name 3-Aminohomopiperidine
Other Name (+/-)-3-AMINO-HOMOPIPERIDINE;3-AMINO-HOMOPIPERIDINE;HEXAHYDRO-1H-AZEPIN-3-AMINE;AZEPAN-3-YLAMINE;DL-3-AMINO HOMOPIPERIDINE;1H-Azepin-3-amine, hexahydro-;(+/-)-3-Amino-homopiperidine hydrochloride;azepan-3-aMine
Purity 98% ee NA
Molecular Formula C6H14N2
Molecular Weight 114.19
Color and Form Colorless clear liquid
Package kgs and more Bulk Ordering Package
Available Spectra NMR, GCMS, GC
Melting Point NA C(lit.)
Stability Stable under normal temperatures and pressures.
Other Density:0.893g/cm3
Boiling Point: 180.9C at 760 mmHg
Flash Point: 69.6C
Refractive Index: 1.453
Vapor Pressure: 0.875mmHg at 25C
HS 2933990090
SignalWord Warning
Solubility: DCM
GC and NMR Conforms to structure
Note Only for research purposes use only
Technical Note
Technical Notes:
TEIJIN LIMITED Patent: EP1179341 A1, 2002 ;
Bulletin of the Chemical Society of Japan, , vol. 60, # 1 p. 141 - 148

Related Product Information
3-Aminohomopiperidine; 3-aminoazepan-2-one,hydrochloride; 3-aminoazepan-2-one;3-Aminohomopiperidine; tert-Butyl 3-aminoazepane-1-carboxylate;5-Aminoindole (+/-)-3-Amino-homopiperidine dihydrochloride 1-AMINOHOMOPIPERIDINE (S)-(2-OXO-AZEPAN-3-YL)-CARBAMIC ACID TERT-BUTYL ESTER SALOR-INT L173320-1EA 1H-Azepine-1-aceticacid,3-[[(9H-fluoren-9-ylmethoxy)carbonyl]amino]hexahydro-2-oxo-,(3S)-(9CI) (S)-3-(BOC-AMINO)-2-OXO-1-AZEPINE-ACETIC ACID (S)-3-AMINO-HEXAHYDRO-2-AZEPINONE 3-Amino-2-azepanone SALOR-INT L173363-1EA BALANOL 3-(methylamino)azepan-2-one 3-(benzylamino)azepan-2-one AJMALINE D-alpha-Amino-epsilon-caprolactam ETHYL 2-OXO-2-[(2-OXOAZEPAN-3-YL)AMINO]ACETATE lorajmine (17R,21-alpha)-17,21-Dihydroxy-4-(2-hydroxy-3-piperidinopropyl)ajmalan ium

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