Berrchem Products Introductions

BerrChem is a high-tech enterprise engaged in Pharmaceuctials;azepan products;Pyrimidine products;Piperazines products;Pyridine products;Piperidine products;Catalysts and Phosphorous products;Boronic;Chiral compounds;Fluoro Compounds;Imidazo Derivatives;Indazole Derivatives;Indole Derivatives;Naphthalene Derivatives;Quinolin Derivatives; organic functional materials ect.Specialized in chiral chemistry, BerrChem provides powerful synthetic tools and is the ideal partner for rare and valued synthetic intermediates. BerrChem supports chemistry research through an offer of exclusive organoboron building blocks, giving you access to a wide variety of inventive molecules that can be delivered in any desired lab-quantities.

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Purchase orders may be placed by fax, e-mail, telephone or regular mail. Please indicate the name, product number, quantity, and packaging size on your purchase order. You must state any special conditions that are on your confirming purchase order when you first place your order with BerrChem Company. Please mark confirming purchase orders clearly to prevent duplication.

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The information and data provided with our products are, to the best of our knowledge and belief, correct and reliable. We make no guarantees and assume no responsibility or liability for the use of either information or chemicals supplied. Information on or sale of any material is not intended as a recommendation to infringe upon the claims of any patent nor is it a license to practice any invention covered in a patent whether as to composition of matter or use. We assume no liability or responsibility of any kind greater in amount than the purchase price of products involved.