Synthesis Careers

From development stage projects to in large-scale amounts for commercialized projects
1. Reactions of Aldehydes and Ketones and their Derivatives
2. Reactions of Carboxylic, Phosphoric and Sulfonic Acids and their Derivatives
3. Oxidation and Reduction
4. Carbenes and Nitrenes
5. Nucleophilic Aromatic Substitution
6. Electrophilic Aromatic Substitution
7. Carbocations
8. Nucleophilic Aliphatic Substitution
9. Carbanions and Electrophilic Aliphatic Substitution
10. Elimination Reactions
11. Addition Reactions: Polar Addition
12. Addition Reactions: Cycloaddition
13. Molecular Rearrangements Pericyclic Reactions

At BerrChem, our intermediates division specialises in the design and synthesis of an innovative range of chemical building blocks for use by research scientists in a range of industry sectors.Included in our range of building blocks are a number of reactive intermediates-a set of minimally substituted building blocks, functionalised with a selection of synthetically useful reactive groups.
As BerrChem is a company with sales in a range of chemical sectors, key to the success of our product range is its diversity. A significant number of our compounds are available to buy off the shelf in small kg-packs and for those compounds not available from stock, our dedicated team of chemists can ensure a prompt turnaround for orders.

Experienced reactions:
Acetylation Acylation Alcoholization
Esterification Enzymatic reactions C-Formylation
C-Alkylation N-Alkylation-acylation N-Formylation
Frieded-Crafts O-Alkylation-acylation Grignard
Amination Hydrochlorination Hydrolysis
Bischler-Napieralski Buchwald Chiral synthesis
Chlorination Catalytic hydrogenation Chlorosulfonation
Condensation Cyclation Cryogenic reactions (until -90C)