Synthesis Technology

BerrChem is strong in offering Inermediates, new generics based on GMP quality demands. The company also has a laboratory who can offer fine chemical for R&D department and CRO of pharmaceutical companies.

Custom Synthesis:Technology
Asymmetric epoxidation using the Mn-salen catalyst
Asymmetric oxidation of sulfides using the Mn-salen catalyst
Katsuki-Sharpless epoxidation
Dynamic kinetic resolution
Asymmetric epoxidation using the BINOL-metal catalyst
Asymmetric aldol reaction
Synthesis of Prostaglandins
Synthesis of Heterocyclic Carboxylic Acids

We specialize in the following reactions(sample list only)
Acetylation Acylation Alcoholization
Esterification Enzymatic reactions C-Formylation
C-Alkylation N-Alkylation-acylation N-Formylation
Frieded-Crafts O-Alkylation-acylation Grignard
Amination Hydrochlorination Hydrolysis
Bischler-Napieralski Buchwald Chiral synthesis
Chlorination Catalytic hydrogenation Chlorosulfonation
Condensation Cyclation Cryogenic reactions (until -90C)
Methylation Oxidation Reduction
Suzuki Schotten-Baumann Sulfonation
De-alkylation De-carboxilation De-hydration
De-tosylation N-Tosylation O-Tosylation
Phosgenation Enantioselective catalysis Enantioselective separation/resolution