Custom synthesis Warranty

Berrchem is an industry leader in custom synthesis services at the milligram to ton scale and is an ideal organization for performing custom synthesis that is essential for your discovery and preclinical needs. Our team has experience with various chemical compounds including pharmaceuticals,pharmaceutical intermediates,OLED intermediates,OPV intermediates.OPC intermediates,OLED materials and Catalysts materials ect. Berrchem's specialized facilities can handle the most difficult of projects including chiral synthesis, stable isotopes and natural products. Our highly trained team of scientists is experienced in medicinal chemistry,electronic chemicals process research and pilot plants.

I.Confirm service type

1.Custom synthesis and manufacture based on whole sets of processes provided by customers;

2. Custom synthesis and manufacture based on customer technology by us;

3. Custom synthesis and manufacture based on product information and quality standard provided by customers;

4. Custom synthesis and manufacture of new compounds.

II. Initial negotiation

We will propose initial R&D and production plans and quotation based on the availability of process, product information and test methods, the difficulty of specifications, confidentiality of products, and lead time. of course, all the terms are negotiation.

III.Order confirm

We need to sign formal sell-on-credit contract after we agree on the R&D and production plans and quotation.The customer needs to pay some cash before delivery.

IV Confidentiality terms

We may sign confidentiality contracts as customer need. Our company will follow it strictly during the contract period.

V. Designated contacts

We will designate one person responsible for one order. The person will communicate with the customer on problems in R&D and production. The customer may feel free to contact the designated person at any time.

VI. R&D and Production

We will conduct R&D and production based one the agreed plans. Customers may visit our R&D center and production sites as they want. VII Feedback

Please comment on our services after receiving and testing the products. We look forward to have a long stable cooperation with all the customers!