BerrChem is a key hi-tech enterprise which is famous for its high technology,and highly-optimized R&D technology,marketing and human resources.Powered by this,BerrChem is specialized on developing and producing generics drugs and pharmaceutical intermediates. With these advantages, our logistic department will make the goods delivered at customer's appointed destination safely in the shortest time.It intensively coopeates with theChina's best pharmaceutical universityChinapharmaceutical University and Chemical faculty of ZheJiang University.It has the abilities to offer clients products from gram-degree to ton-degree,and our company has established a wide range of cooperative relations with more than a hundred companies at home and abroad, including the international pharmaceutical giants.Additionally, customer synthesis is strength. We can offer services from synthetic route design, to synthesis, purifying and structural identification in strict accordance with terms on confidential agreement. We can offer clients target compound in the shortest time, from small scale test to the research, development and contract-manufacturing.With years of accumulation, BerrChem has form it's own client base and working style, and quite acceptable to the customers. And good reputation has been established in this field.And well acknowledged by society and customer.When we pursue the company development, we meanwhile pay enough attention to the environment protection,and we never achieve the development at the cost of environment deterioration. Also'Making profits and rewarding the society'is one of our important operation philosophies.
Strategy of BerrChem strategy of BerrChem

More information about our company:
Advanced technology :We have established stable cooperative relationship with well-known research institutes, universities, which ensures that our products are in high quality and keep a leading position in the field of technology .
Efficient management:We create excellence through the standard and efficient management and a professional management team.We set up a strict quality inspection and control system that inspecting and controlling quality in the whole procedure from raw material to the final products ensuring high quality.
Pilot workshop & The industrial production:Our pilot workshops are equipped with standardized apparatus including multifunctional reactors.It can support various pilot productions and technological researches at a temperature between -78C to 200C.We offer Normal reaction/ High-pressure reaction/ Catalytic reaction/ Low-Temperature reactionn.The industrial production workshop has 5000L reactors for a series of industrial production.
Economic Effectiveness:We have our own lab and a wide network, so we are able to offer competitive pricing , timely delivery ,help customers to reduce cost , save time in sourcing and bring products to market faster.
Effective Communication:All customer benefit from our communication and confidentiality.We always listen to your requirements in order to provide the highest levels of customer service .
Projects both large and small are all of equal importance to us.Powerful technical support.Our R&D staffs have rich experience in custom synthesis and manufacturing.We are confident to provide high quality product.Technical document:We offer IR, HNMR, HPLC, and LCMS if needed. Technical paperwork is available.


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