Products-Pharmaceutical APIs:Antineoplastic

CAS No.  Product Name  Standard Assay Appearance
33069-62-4 Paclitaxel (Natural/Semi-Synthetic) USP34 99.50% White powder
114977-28-5 Docetaxel (Anhydrous) EP 7.5 99.50% Off-white crystalline powder
148408-66-5 Docetaxel (Trihydrate) EP 7.5 99.50% White or almost white crystalline powder
183133-96-2 Cabazitaxel Enterprise standard 99% Off-white powder
136572-09-3 Irinotecan Hydrochloride Trihydrate Enterprise standard 99% Off-white or light yellow crystalline powder
25316-40-9 Doxorubicin Hydrochloride USP35 99% Orange-red powder
56390-09-1 Epirubicin HCl Enterprise standard 99% Orange red powder
61825-94-3 Oxaliplatin EP7 USP35 99% White to off-white crystalline power
15663-27-1 Cisplatin USP 35 99% White Crystalline Solid
41575-94-4 Carboplatin EP7 USP35 99% White Crystalline Solid
154361-50-9 Capecitabine Enterprise standard 99% White to off-white crystalline power
179324-69-7 Bortezomib Enterprise standard 99.50% White power
129453-61-8 Fulvtrant USP 99% White powder
154229-18-2 Abiraterone Acetate Enterprise standard 99% White to off-white powder
388082-78-8 Lapatinib Ditosylate Enterprise standard 99% White powder
183319-69-9 Erlotinib Hydrochloride Enterprise standard 99% Light yellow crystalline powder
120511-73-1 Anastrozole Enterprise standard 99% White or off-white crystalline powder
107007-99-8 Granisetron Hydrochloride Enterprise standard 99% White crystalline powder
51-21-8 5-Fluorouracil EP USP 99% White or off-white crystalline powder

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