As well as our existing product range, we are custom synthesis specialists and have capabilities from grams to multi-Kilos for a wide range of chemical reactions and processes. we can rapidly scale products to multi-tonne quantities if necessary.From our service we can ensuring projects are handled in the strictest of confidence at all times.
Synthetic route development
Process optimisation
Process scale-up from Kgs to Tonnes
Exclusivity if required
Full analytical support
For products where a manufacturing process already exists, BerrChem can offer contract and toll manufacturing services to a customer's own specification. In addition to the services mentioned above, we also provide a specialist raw material sourcing service (at no additional cost) to ensure that, wherever possible, we only use sources of high quality materials at competitive market prices.
BerrChem is also able to offer a custom research and development service tailored to customer's specific requirements. We have an excellent track record of solving complex organic synthesis challenges for our customers and projects can be based on full-time equivalents (FTE) or daily rates. Contact us to find out how our highly-skilled R&D team can make your next project our latest success.

Synthetic Organic Chemists Example

To complete complex projects for our clients from the pharmaceutical sector requires concentration, flexibility,innovation and sometimes also creativity on our part every day. Our extensive experience in the area of custom synthesis / contract research helps us finding optimum solutions for new tasks as well.
We assist you competently until the agreed objectives are met, keeping in dialogue with you and responding to your instructions and requests. And we provide professional documentation as a matter of course.
We make our chemical and technical know-how available to you for custom synthesis tasks and innovative research. This will enable you to concentrate on your core business and even save you expenditure for additional infrastructure and personnel.
We support you in the area of classical custom synthesis (building blocks and target structures) for the areas ofmedical research, pharmaceutical development, lead compound and prodrug development.
We will also take on your separation problems: we can handle the separation of racemates of up to 1 kg. Of course we will also purify your compounds (by chromatography or crystallisation) and, if you wish, even get them ready for distribution (package, label, box etc.).
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